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Fence Repair Serving Sacramento Metro - including Roseville, and Elk Grove – Wood, Vinyl, Chain-Link, Wroght Iron Fencing Repair Services

Fence Repaired in Sacramento, CA.Please Read!

If you are looking to have your fence repaired, contact the experts at Sacramento Fence Repair today. We repair fencing across the entire Sacramento Metro area, including Roseville and Elk Grove. No matter the issues you are having with your fence, Sacramento Fence Builders can get that fence working like new. Oftentimes, the fence will need to be repaired at the post. Our crews have the expertise necessary to fix your fence at the posts, ensuring a long lasting fence for years to come.

The few minutes you spend reading this could save you hundreds of dollars on one of the most overlooked assets of your home:  Your fence!  Will your fence withstand another winter?  Wouldn't you rather face the storm confident that the borders that offer security to your home, pets, and children will stand fast and strong?  So would we.  So, we are offering a free, check it yourself, guide.

Why Does My Fence Fall?

Typically, every 8 feet there is a 4x4 wood post.  This is the source of stability of your fence.  Fences fall down prematurely when water gets down to the base of your post and rots the wood.  This weakens your post and it is no longer able to support your fence

Self Check Guide

Identify whether your post has rotted.  A leaning fence is one indication.  Otherwise, you'll want to check each individual post to be sure. 

1st Step:

Locate the fence post (Typically a 4x4 located every 8 feet along your fence.)

2nd Step:

Place your hand near the top of your post.  Give it a good shove.  Does it move?  A secure fence post will not give more than an inch.

Good News - You do not have to replace your fence, or post. 
As long as your fence is still standing, it is most likely salvageable.

Our Solution

After 4 years experience in this area, we have a tried and true, permanent solution.  A new hole is dug in front of your existing post, a 36 inch bracket is cemented 18 inches below the ground's surface while the top of the bracket is secured to your post.

Result:  The fence is now supported by steel which will not rot or give.

Commonly Asked Questions & Concerns

Is the bracket visible?

Not always, depending on the style of your fence.  It fits flush against your fence post.

Wouldn't it be better to replace the post with a new 4x4?

No, steel offers a longer lifetime and is stronger than wood.  Steel is the optimum choice for your fence.

I'm planning on replacing the entire fence within a few years.

Great! Once installed, you have a steel bracket for life!  The old 4x4 post is removed and a new post is attached to your existing bracket.  You still have the stability of steel!

How long will it take to install the brackets?

Depending on how many you need, we can usually have your entire fence complete within 1 day.

How much does this cost?

Price Varies based on free estimate.

Is there a minimum requirement?

We have a 2 post minimum, however, if one post is rotted, it's a good indication that the other posts will be soon to follow.

How do I schedule to have my posts taken care of?

Call us today at 916-502-9148 or fill out our online request form.

Lifetime Guarantee

With the installation of our bracket, you not only receive a lifetime warranty on our product, but you have a fence company for life.  We stand behind our product and service.


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